Does CoolSculpting Work? Recent Research Reveals All

CoolSculpting has been one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets since its arrival on US markets ten years ago. Since 2010, CoolSculpting has seen an 823 percent increase in average annual procedures. As this groundbreaking procedure gains more and more mainstream notoriety, our patients often ask us if the bold promises of non-invasive fat reduction can possibly… Read More »

3 Top Reasons Madison & Milwaukee Area Residents Get CoolSculpting

If you haven’t heard of CoolSculpting yet, it’s because this groundbreaking technology has become a trusted secret on the red carpet, in boardrooms, and just about everywhere in between. CoolSculpting has changed what it means to medically sculpt the body and get rid of stubborn fat–without ever needing to undergo surgery. Though exercise and a… Read More »

CoolSculpting: What the Celebrities Are Saying About this Fat Reduction Procedure

CoolSculpting is a celebrity-certified, red-carpet secret.  This non-invasive fat reduction procedure is FDA-cleared, clinically effective, and proven to be safe. By gently cooling stubborn fat cells in the body, CoolSculpting induces controlled, natural elimination of fat without any harm to surrounding tissue.  So what exactly is all the buzz, and what are celebrities saying about… Read More »