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Our face is the first thing people notice about us. It’s the cornerstone of how we present ourselves to the world. If you look in the mirror and feel as though your appearance doesn’t match the energy and vitality you feel inside, you’re not alone. With this in mind, many people turn to cosmetic surgery to address the signs of aging and restore a more youthful appearance with a facelift. Milwaukee and Madison-area patients choose board-eligible plastic surgeon Dr. Lucas Boehm at Parkins Plastic Surgery for his experience and natural-looking results.
Also known as a rhytidectomy, a facelift is a cosmetic procedure aimed at improving the appearance of the face and neck by lifting the deeper structures of the face.

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Dr. Lucas Boehm has dedicated a significant portion of his training to understanding how we define beauty and how to restore the facial contours of youth. Dr. Boehm employs a variety of techniques to accomplish this but prefers the deep plane approach to facelifting, as he feels it provides the most natural, longest-lasting result. Unlike traditional facelift techniques, the deep plane facelift occurs in the deeper layers of the face, including the muscles and tissues that support your skin. By repositioning these layers, Dr. Boehm can create a more natural-looking facelift that enhances your facial features and restores your youthful glow.

Personalized Facelift Consultations for Oconomowoc

Dr. Boehm and the experienced team at Parkins Plastic Surgery understand that every patient is unique, which is why we take a personalized approach to each patient seeking facial rejuvenation surgery. During your facelift consultation, Dr. Boehm and his team work closely with you to design a personalized treatment plan to deliver the results you deserve.

Real Patient Results

Visit our before & after patient photo gallery, where stunning transformations come to life, showcasing the remarkable journey of physical change and personal growth. 

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* Individual results may vary

VECTRA 3D Imaging System

Parkins Plastic Surgery is excited to announce our newest addition– the incredible VECTRA 3D Imaging Camera! VECTRA’s lifelike 3-D simulation will give you a complete preview of how your results are likely to appear on your body* – not an approximation on a model. With VECTRA, you can experiment with different surgical options and work with your surgeon to develop the best cosmetic plan for you. Have confidence in your decision with the VECTRA 3D Imaging System at Parkins Plastic Surgery!

The VECTRA Face Sculptor takes measurements of multiple facial features including the nose, chin, cheeks, and neck. Then, Dr. Boehm can sculpt the desired area to give a simulation on what your surgical results will look like*. The VECTRA software is a fantastic tool for patients to visualize surgical procedures such as a rhinoplasty, genioplasty (chin augmentation), facelift/necklift, and submental liposuction. A side-by-side comparison with a pre-surgical photo and the simulation helps patients feel more confident in their cosmetic decision. Patients love this feature because they can see their simulated results instantly.

*Individual results may vary

What Are the Benefits of a Facelift/Neck Lift?

Youthful Appearance

A facelift can take years off your appearance, giving you a more youthful, refreshed look that can boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Smoother Skin

A facelift helps improve the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles.

Improved Facial Features

A facelift can enhance your natural beauty by improving the appearance of your cheeks, jawline, jowls, and other facial features.

Long-Lasting Results

Unlike other cosmetic procedures that may require frequent touch-ups, a facelift can provide long-lasting results that can keep you looking younger for years to come.

What Does a Facelift/Neck Lift Involve?


Dr. Boehm and his team will meet with you to review your health history, perform a physical exam, and discuss your goals for facial rejuvenation. Baseline photographs will be taken, which Dr. Boehm will review with you. At this point, Dr. Boehm will discuss his recommendations for how we can best address your concerns and meet your goals.

Preoperative Appointment

Approximately two weeks prior to your scheduled surgery date, you will once again meet with Dr. Boehm and his team. At this time, we will review the treatment plan, answer any remaining questions you may have, and discuss your preoperative and postoperative instructions.


Surgery is performed at our state-of-the-art AAAASF-certified operating suite onsite at Parkins Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Boehm performs the majority of his facelift/neck lift procedures with the patient under general anesthesia. Anesthesia care is provided by a board-certified anesthesiologist.

The facelift surgery itself takes three or four hours or more depending on what combination of procedures the patient is having done. Dr. Boehm is meticulous in his incision placement, with the goal being to hide the signs of surgery within the hairline and natural creases where the ear meets the face.


You will recover from the general anesthesia in our Lake Country office with a view of Silver Lake. A facelift or neck lift operation is an outpatient procedure, so you will return home to recuperate under the care of a family member or loved one.

Dr. Boehm and his team will see you the following morning in the office to remove bandages, check incisions, and remove drains (if you have one). Postoperative care instructions will be reviewed, including incision line care and activity restrictions.

What Is the Facelift/Neck Lift Recovery Timeline?

Patients should expect to take at least one week off from work after their surgery. For the first few days, you will be on a cycle of medication and rest.

One week after surgery, you return to the office for suture removal and to ensure you are healing as expected.

After two weeks, the bruising and swelling has largely resolved. You will return to the office to see how you’re healing.

After three weeks, your sensation starts to return. Things are starting to feel more natural, and you are beginning to feel like yourself again. You can go out in public, and most people won’t be able to tell you had surgery.

At four weeks, incisions are well healed.

At six weeks, scar mitigation begins.

Three months after surgery, patients are ready for high-definition photography and/or feel comfortable attending a wedding.

Patients then will return to clinic at six months, one year, and two years so Dr. Boehm can follow the results.

What Sets Dr. Boehm Apart for Facelift Surgery?

In addition to his surgical skill set and keen eye for aesthetics, Dr. Boehm’s approach to facial rejuvenation is one of customization. His knowledge of anatomy and the changes our faces undergo with age allows him to customize a comprehensive treatment plan unique to each patient. Dr. Boehm understands that as we age, there are changes happening in the skin and in all the layers below the skin. Therefore, surgery is just one part of the equation, and his comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation ensures that attention is paid to each component of this facial aging process.

What Procedures Complement a Facelift/Neck Lift in the Milwaukee and Madison Area?

During your initial consultation, Dr. Boehm may suggest additional procedures that he feels will enhance your overall result. This often includes fat grafting to restore lost volume in the face and skin care or a skin resurfacing procedure. Other procedures often combined with a facelift/neck lift include eyelid or brow surgery to rejuvenate the tissues around the eye.

For more information about a facelift in the Milwaukee or Madison area, contact Dr. Lucas Boehm and his friendly staff at (262) 269-1050 or book a consultation online today!


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