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Wedding Ahead! Careful Cosmetic Procedure Planning for Best Results on the Big Day

Your wedding is a day to remember, unlike any other. Getting everything ready, from the flowers to food to invites, and the all-important dress takes a tremendous amount of work. One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is looking your absolute best on the big day. At Parkins Plastic Surgery, our all-female team uniquely …

4 Big Benefits of Small Breast Implants

Today, more and more women come to Dr. Parkins hoping to achieve a subtle, natural-looking breast augmentation. In the last two decades, tastes have changed considerably, and modern surgical techniques have come a long way, too. Though we still work with plenty of women hoping for dramatic breast enhancement, Dr. Parkin’s can absolutely help you …

Does CoolSculpting Work? Recent Research Reveals All

CoolSculpting has been one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets since its arrival on US markets ten years ago. Since 2010, CoolSculpting has seen an 823 percent increase in average annual procedures. As this groundbreaking procedure gains more and more mainstream notoriety, our patients often ask us if the bold promises of non-invasive fat reduction can possibly …

3 Top Reasons Madison & Milwaukee Area Residents Get CoolSculpting

If you haven’t heard of CoolSculpting yet, it’s because this groundbreaking technology has become a trusted secret on the red carpet, in boardrooms, and just about everywhere in between. CoolSculpting has changed what it means to medically sculpt the body and get rid of stubborn fat–without ever needing to undergo surgery. Though exercise and a …

When It Comes to Bigger, We Do it Better. Breast Augmentation That’s as Unique as You Are

Only an expert can give you the beautiful, natural-looking results you want. As a board-certified surgeon, Dr. Parkins is recognized as one of the country’s leading breast augmentation specialists. Contact us today to discuss a customized plan designed for your exact body goals – (262) 269-1050.

Achieve Your Dream Figure in 2020 With These Body Contouring Procedures

Looking your best changes how you live your life. When you’re confident, people notice. But taking the steps to increase your self-esteem can seem like an overwhelming challenge on your own. Unwanted fat stands in the way of wearing what you want and seeing your best self in the mirror every day. Even the healthiest …

Options for Your Perfect Pout by Valentine’s

Even though it seems like Thanksgiving was just last weekend, we’re hurtling toward another big holiday: Valentine’s Day. Around the country, couples are secretly shopping for the perfect gift to get their significant other. Unfortunately, this is harder than it seems, which is why a lot of people end up playing it safe with flowers …

Why 2020 Should Be Your Year to Try Botox

In 2018 alone, just under 7.5 million Americans tried Botox. To put that number in perspective: since the year 2000, Botox procedures have increased eight-fold. That’s 800%! People of all ages, genders, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds are getting Botox (and keep coming back for more). Why? There simply isn’t any competition when it comes to safe, …



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