Medical Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

The cosmetic benefits of tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) surgery are well-known: This procedure removes loose skin and unwanted fat from both the upper and lower belly, creating sleek, lean contours that can last a lifetime. What most people don’t realize, however, is that tummy tuck surgery can also improve patients’ quality of life. If you’re considering… Read More »

The Truth About Breast Implant-Related Cancer Risk

Few medical devices have been studied as thoroughly as breast implants. Since their introduction in the 1960s, silicone breast implants have been subjected to numerous studies assessing their safety for long-term use. The vast majority of these studies have shown that breast implants do not cause any serious illnesses, including cancer. However, in recent years,… Read More »

Vaginal Rejuvenation After Childbirth

post childbirth vaginal rejuvenation

It is not a secret that pregnancy and childbirth cause tremendous changes to a woman’s body.  From the great hormonal fluctuations that affect the feel of the vaginal skin and lubrication to the stretching of your muscles and connective tissue, you may feel as though your will never reclaim your vaginal health after childbirth.  It… Read More »

Freeze Your Fat Off with CoolSculpting

body contouring

People who have stubborn fat usually try anything and everything they can to lose it: They modify their diet, work out, and sometimes even consider surgery. However, while liposuction is both quick and effective, not everyone feels comfortable using an invasive procedure to tackle unwanted pounds. For individuals like these, CoolSculpting—a revolutionary FDA-approved cryolipolysis treatment—provides… Read More »

Why are Women Opting for Smaller Breast Implants?

smaller breasts trending

Breast implants don’t have to be big to make an impressive difference: Even small implants can improve the shape, symmetry, and projection of the breasts. As trends have shifted away from buxom bodies and embraced the classic hourglass figure, more women have discovered that subtle breast augmentations are generally the most flattering. Today, women are… Read More »