Address Wrinkles and Similar Cosmetic Concerns in the Milwaukee and Madison Area

Using a CO2 laser, the Parkins Plastic Surgery team can vaporize skin cells by rapidly heating water molecules found throughout the surface. This laser skin resurfacing treatment has a double benefit: It exposes smoother, younger skin cells and prompts collagen creation for ongoing improvement.
Many cosmetic issues that bother people about their facial skin are surface deep. That means it’s possible to enjoy a refreshed and rejuvenated look by getting a new surface! Laser skin resurfacing at the Milwaukee area’s Parkins Plastic Surgery removes small sections of dead, outermost layer of skin—known as the stratum corneum—which is home to fine lines, scars, and other blemishes. An accumulation of dead cells can also be responsible for a dull, aged look.
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Who Is a Good Laser Skin Resurfacing Candidate?

Anyone bothered by certain age-related cosmetic issues—including fine lines, uneven tone, and rough texture—may benefit from laser skin resurfacing. Since there are several resurfacing options available, a consultation is the best way to determine which treatment would best provide the desired results. Some treatments remove cells, some pass through the surface to trigger renewal in deeper cells, and some do both.

The Laser Skin Resurfacing Procedure, Recovery, and Results

Before deciding on laser skin resurfacing as the ideal option for any patient, our Parkins Plastic Surgery team will lead a consultation so they can get a better understanding of what skin conditions need improvement and what the ultimate cosmetic goals are.

Once laser skin resurfacing is decided on as the best course of action, patients can expect their treatment session to be relatively brief, with the exact duration depending on how many areas are being treated and how large those areas are.

The laser energy entering the skin creates a snapping sensation, like a rubber band. While this is generally well tolerated by a wide variety of patients, a numbing cream is available for application prior to the treatment to improve patient comfort.

Treated skin will appear red and be sensitive in the days after laser skin resurfacing. Due to the increased sensitivity, it is especially important to keep it protected against ultraviolet radiation from the sun and other sources.

Dead skin may ultimately flake off, revealing a smoother, clearer, more even surface beneath. Patients will continue to see improvements in their skin tone and texture in the following weeks as cells rejuvenated by the laser skin resurfacing will produce collagen that firms up the skin and creates a framework to house beneficial hyaluronic acid.

Other Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Parkins Plastic Surgery offers numerous nonsurgical options for rejuvenating aging skin, including Sciton Halo and Forever Young BBL, which also use light energy to improve texture and stimulate collagen production. Chemical peels involve topical applications of acidic formulas to exfoliate the face, while dermaplaning shaves away dead cells and peach fuzz with a sterile blade. Microneedling does not remove any skin, but creates miniscule channels that encourage a healing response to the area. The resulting wound-repair processes improve the look and feel of all of the skin in the treatment zone.

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