BMI & Your Surgery

Prepare for Your Consultation at the Madison and Milwaukee Area’s Parkins Plastic Surgery with Body Mass Index Measurements

Many people find that their weight may fluctuate over time due to pregnancy, hormone changes, or a variety of other reasons. Excessive weight gain can create serious risks when it comes to surgery. We want our patients to know their BMI at the Madison and Milwaukee area’s Parkins Plastic Surgery, because knowing your body mass index and how to ensure that it is in a safe range for surgery will give you the best cosmetic results with a lower risk of complications.

Understanding BMI

BMI is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult women and men. Understanding your body mass index will help determine if you’re ready for surgery.

Often, patients within a healthy body mass index range have a stronger immune system, decreasing their recovery time. Being within a healthy body mass index range will also aid in decreased post-op pain and lower the risk for complications during and after surgery.

Body Mass Index and Your Surgical Journey

Prior to your consultation with Dr. Maida Parkins or Dr. Lucas Boehm, your BMI will be considered. Plastic surgery helps shape and sculpt your body at an already healthy weight, and is not a solution to weight-loss. A higher body mass index could result in your surgery being postponed—or potentially canceled—due to the increased risk of infections, blood clots, and/or other complications.

Body Mass Index Chart

How to Determine Your BMI

The formula to calculate your body mass index is weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared. The chart below can help determine a patient’s current BMI range as well as their ideal range. There are BMI calculators available online that only require you to enter your age, height, and weight to determine current and goal body mass index.

What Can I Do if My BMI Is Too High?

If your body mass index does not meet the criteria for surgery readiness, we have resources available to help you lose weight in a healthy way. Whether you are looking for assistance with healthy eating, exercise, or both, check out the links below for more information.

Nutrition Resources is a USDA-sponsored website that offers credible information in multiple areas of health and fitness topics. Some of these topics include food safety, basic nutrition, healthy living & weight, along with many more.

Health Coaching

Kuptz Health Coaching is a health and wellness coaching business run by Kim Kuptz serving the Waukesha, Wisconsin area. She offers personalized health coaching for a variety of clients in different stages of life.


To learn more about what is a healthy BMI, and how to prepare for your surgery. Patients in the Milwaukee and Madison area can contact Dr. Parkins at 262-269-1050, or book a consultation today!

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