Remove unwanted hair around the face, upper and lower body for good with Sciton Forever BARE

Laser Hair Removal
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Why Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a great option for people looking to remove unwanted hair on their face and body. This treatment is minimally painful and, while this solution is not completely permanent for every patient, it can last many years, much longer than shaving/waxing. It is a great solution to reduce ingrown hairs and for people who have sensitive skin/skin irritation after shaving or waxing.

How Does It Work?

Using a hand-held laser, the device will pass over the treatment area through the skin to the hair follicles, inhibiting hair growth. Laser hair removal usually requires anywhere from two to twelve treatments depending on the treatment area and hair color/thickness.
How Laser Hair Removal Works

Where On My Face/Body Can I Get Laser Hair Removal?

There are many areas all over the face and body where laser hair removal can be performed. Some areas may require more treatments than others based on hair thickness and growth.
  • Face – Chin, Upper Lip, & Full Face
  • Upper Body – Shoulders, Under Arms, Chest, Arms, Abdomen, & Back
  • Lower Body – Bikini & Legs

Sciton Forever BARE

Unlike traditional hair reduction devices that apply energy one pulse at a time, Forever Bare BBL uses motion technology to deliver a low fluence in multiple pulses, protecting the skin while progressively raising the follicle temperature to the optimal level for hair removal. Re-engineered cooling enables constant motion treatments without allowing its crystal temperature to fluctuate. This produces better, more consistent results.

Recovery & Results

The recovery time for laser hair removal is minimal and most patients can return to life as normal immediately after the treatment. There may be some mild swelling and irritation for a couple of hours after the procedure. Wearing sunscreen after your treatment will help reduce irritation to the treated area(s). 

Results will not appear right away. Instead, the hair will fall out on its own after a couple of days/weeks. Results can vary significantly; they may last several months or years depending on the person. 


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