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Get Rid of Excess Skin for Sleeker Contours at the Milwaukee and Madison Area’s Parkins Plastic Surgery

For individuals who are on a mission to shed a significant amount of weight, the journey often doesn’t stop when they reach their ideal number on the scale. Shedding 50, 60, even 100 pounds and more creates drooping tissue. Post weight loss surgery at the Milwaukee area’s Parkins Plastic Surgery can help.

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Patients who have been overweight for many years often have skin that is stretched and sagging after excess body fat has been lost. The final step in their commitment to health, wellness, and body confidence is often a full body lift to excise loose skin and create the contours they’ve worked so hard for.

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Customizing Your Post Weight Loss Surgery Treatment

As with body makeover procedures for Mommy Makeover patients, cosmetic surgery after losing weight does not include the same procedures for everyone. Each patient’s body will look different after they reach their goal weight, and the elasticity of soft tissue can differ based on age, amount of excess weight lost, and other unique factors.

Dr. Maida Parkins and Dr. Lucas Boehm recommend that all patients considering post weight loss surgery visit our office for a consultation first, which allows them to get to know their patients and better understand their areas of concern. A physical examination allows our surgeons to determine areas of the body where excess skin is the least elastic and the extent of the post weight loss surgery treatment needed to create smooth, defined body contours.

Our surgeons recommend a treatment plan to help you love the way you look. Weight loss patients have worked strenuously to achieve a healthy weight and normal-range BMI, so post weight loss surgery allows them to finally see the shape and physique that inspired them to commit to a new lifestyle. Understanding your BMI before your consultation will help determine your eligibility for surgery. The look of joy on patients’ faces is what makes Dr. Parkins, Dr. Boehm, and our entire staff so passionate about their profession. When you leave your consultation, you will have a post weight loss surgery treatment plan to review that details each recommended procedure.

Full Body Lift Surgery in Lake Country

Many post weight loss surgery procedures prove beneficial for patients who are looking for effective body contouring, and some can even be paired together. A torsoplasty, tummy tuck, thigh lift, arm lift, breast lift (with or without augmentation), and liposuction, may be included in your treatment plan.

The main goal of these post weight loss surgery procedures is to remove loose skin and reposition tissue to create a clearly defined body shape. The most popular procedures are often a tummy tuck and breast lift with or without augmentation.

Many patients have concerns about their abdomen after weight loss, because skin can pool around the mid-section, making routine activity uncomfortable and creating low self-esteem. A breast lift is often added during tummy tuck surgery to raise the breast position on the chest wall, creating a rejuvenated look. Post weight loss surgery patients who want their breasts to have the same volume as they did before they lost weight can also choose a variety of implants to meet this goal.

Post weight loss surgery is divided into phases, so patients can recover comfortably and manage the time they must take away from work and routine duties.



Dr. Parkins & Dr. Boehm are committed to surgical excellence through education, compassion, and confidentiality. Their combined experience is unparalleled and highly sought after in the Madison and Milwaukee area. A consultation with either of our surgeons is conducted at our private, state-of-the-art surgical facility where you will have all your questions answered so you can confidently start your surgical journey.

Dr. Parkins

Get to know our Board-Certified plastic surgeon and founder of Parkins Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Boehm

Get to know our highly specialized plastic surgeon in facial aesthetics.

Dr. Boehm

Get to know our highly specialized plastic surgeon in facial aesthetics.

The Benefits of Skin Removal After Weight Loss

There are a multitude of benefits to body lift procedures. Most notably, post weight loss surgery patients typically get a tremendous boost of self-esteem and body confidence. Additional positive changes surgery can create include no longer needing to use constricting shapewear, a smooth body shape with no more lumps and bumps from extra skin, an easier time finding flattering clothing that fits, comfortable exercise and routine activity, and reduced chafing and rashes from rubbing skin.

Dr. Parkins’ and Dr. Boehm’s body post weight loss surgery patients experience a new lease on life and feel more like themselves. It can be difficult to feel confident with excessive loose skin collecting over limbs and the midsection, but skin removal surgery is designed to free patients from cumbersome extra tissue and allow them to enjoy the results of their hard work.

What to Expect After Post Weight Loss Surgery

Patients who pair two or more post weight loss surgery procedures together in one surgery can expect a different recovery experience, compared to patients who choose a single procedure. However, combining treatments can be more convenient in many ways. Our surgeons make sure you have all the information you need to know about the post-treatment experience when you leave your consultation.

Your recovery process will depend on which post weight loss surgery procedures were performed during your surgery. Patients whose treatments included only skin removal and fat removal, such as arm/thigh lift and liposuction, may have a more comfortable initial recovery experience than patients who had a procedure that affects underlying muscle, such as an abdominoplasty.

Compression garments are also placed to assist with this process. It’s highly important to arrange for a loved one or caregiver to be with you at home during your post weight loss surgery recuperation. You are required to have someone stay with you the first night after surgery and may want someone to stay longer to help out.

FAQS About Full Body Lifts

What Will the Scars Look Like?

Scarring varies based on the procedure. Abdominoplasty incisions are placed from hip to hip, and breast lift incisions typically circle the areola and extend down to the breast crease. Scarring is an unavoidable part of post weight loss surgery, but these marks heal well and do not deter patients from feeling good about their results. Procedures like arm and thigh lifts will create scarring in these areas. If you have questions or concerns about recovery and scar care following post weight loss surgery, please be sure to speak to Dr. Parkins or Dr. Boehm during your initial visit.

How Much Time Do I Need to Take Away from Work?

Time off after post weight loss surgery can range from one to two weeks—or possibly longer if your job includes heavy lifting. Patients who have desk jobs or who can arrange to work from home may have to take less time away from their jobs.

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