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Parkins Plastic Surgery Offers In-Office Safety and Comfort to Milwaukee and Madison Area Surgery Patients

At Parkins Plastic Surgery, you can get all the benefits of an operating suite without ever leaving our office for a trip to an outside medical facility or hospital. While Dr. Maida Parkins and Dr. Lucas Boehm have privileges at Waukesha Memorial Hospital and Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital, most procedures can be completed at our specially designed in-office surgical center, serving the Madison and Milwaukee area.

Your safety is our priority. Parkins Plastic Surgery is proud to maintain AAAASF certification by adhering to all mandated protocols for maintaining an ambulatory surgical center. We also want you to feel at home as soon as you enter our office. We welcome you as a friend— not just a patient—as soon as you walk in the doors, accomplishing both of these important goals. From our initial private consultations to the day of your surgery, you won’t be treated as anything less than valued and important.

AAAAAF Accredited Facility

Your Experience at Parkins Plastic Surgery

Dr. Maida Parkins created and designed her office space to be a place where patients could feel welcomed and cared for while being treated to the best in aesthetic medicine and comfort. Our newly constructed building, including our surgical center, offers all the amenities necessary to provide safe and effective surgical care, helping our patients feel at ease during their appointment.

The surgical center at Parkins Plastic Surgery meets rigorous state and federal guidelines that govern staff, services, hygiene, records, emergency preparedness, and more. Ambulatory surgical centers are highly regulated and inspected in order to ensure they comply with the complex laws and statutes written to protect patients. Our surgical center meets what is considered to be “the gold standard” in accreditation.

A Luxurious, Welcoming Space in Lake Country

Creating a positive impression goes beyond the high level of care our staff and doctor provide. Dr. Parkins understands that patients are most comfortable in a space that promotes relaxation, which is why we selected a facility that is on the edge of a beautiful local lake. Patients love the views of the water from our office. Especially in the field of plastic surgery, creating the right kind of experience is important and involves the look and feel of your chosen aesthetic medical office.

From our clinical space to our lobby to our surgical center, you can expect to feel like you are in a familiar and welcoming environment—not just a medical office. To familiarize yourself with our office before your first visit, we encourage you to browse our website, read our staff and doctor profiles, and call to speak to our team to address any questions you may have. Our aesthetic medical practice is conveniently located in Lake Country, WI, where we have worked hard to cultivate an atmosphere that creates exceptional patient experiences and promotes positive doctor-patient relationships. To arrange a tour of our office and surgical center, we welcome you to call today!

Get started at our surgical center serving the Madison and Milwaukee area. Call our beautiful Lake Country office in Oconomowoc, WI, at (262) 269-1050. You can also send a message online.

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