Tummy Tuck

Everyone wants a flat abdomen – it’s the reason why so many exercise programs are aimed at building abs and burning stubborn belly fat. In many cases, such as post-pregnancy and significant weight loss, the only predictable way to achieve a firm and toned abdomen is through an abdominoplasty. Dr. Parkins provides tummy tuck surgery in Milwaukee and Madison to help patients achieve the lean abdomen they’ve always wanted but have been unable to achieve with exercise alone.  Dr. Parkins offers a female perspective on tummy tuck surgery and provides compassionate care to achieve the results you want.

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What a Tummy Tuck Can do for You

The tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is popular among body contouring and mommy makeover patients for good reason. The procedure comprehensively resolves excess skin and some fat around the stomach, but it can also correct the appearance of bulging created by changes in underlying muscle structure. The benefits of a tummy tuck are many and include the following:

  • Increases feelings of confidence
  • Allows you to stop wearing constricting body-shaping garments
  • Removes bothersome and hanging excess skin
  • Creates an improved silhouette
  • Helps patients feel comfortable wearing form-fitting clothing

After your procedure, you can enjoy the benefits of tummy toning exercises, which did not previously create the results you wanted. Since a tummy tuck moves the vertical stomach muscles back into alignment, your core is supported and can be defined through your exercise regimen. Many patients find the appearance of their midsection to be bothersome and frustrating, but a tummy tuck provides a significant boost in well-being and helps patients feel like they have a new lease on life – they can confidently wear bikinis and form-fitting dresses, without worrying about a bulging midsection. No more loose skin making everyday movement and exercise uncomfortable.

Tummy Tuck Surgery in Milwaukee with Dr. Parkins

Your journey starts with a consultation at Dr. Parkins’ plastic surgery office, where she can provide a physical examination and determine how to create the contours you’re looking for. A tummy tuck resolves loose skin and some fat, but some patients may need additional fat removal treatment to create a lean stomach. Patients who have had children often experience diastis recti, which requires a tummy tuck. If only excess skin and fat are of primary concern, treatment may be less invasive. Dr. Parkins takes an educational and caring approach to treatment, which turns patients into friends by the end of their experience.

On the day of your procedure, Dr. Parkins takes the following steps to complete your tummy tuck:

A certified specialist administers anesthesia to ensure you are comfortable during your procedure.

 An incision is placed low across the abdomen, usually spanning from hip to hip. This is necessary to achieve the desired results and is easily concealed by underwear and bikini bottoms. Most patients do not find that this incision interferes with satisfaction from their results.

Dr. Parkins carefully removes the loosened tissue from the midsection, as well as some fat deposits. It’s important to note that a tummy tuck is not intended as a fat loss or a weight loss procedure. Some fat is removed, but comprehensive fat elimination should be addressed with an additional treatment process.

Abdominal muscles that have loosened from pregnancy and significant weight gain are pulled back together and stitched in place.

During treatment, Dr. Parkins may also reposition the belly button to ensure natural-looking results. If required, drains are typically placed after surgery to help prevent fluid retention. These are temporary, however. Patients recover from their anesthesia in our comfortable office and are released home with a loved one the same day; tummy tuck treatment is an outpatient procedure and does not require an overnight stay at a hospital.


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Comprehensive Liposuction with a Tummy Tuck

While a tummy tuck on its own does not include comprehensive fat removal around the stomach, liposuction can be added to your treatment to remove stubborn fatty deposits. This is traditionally a complex procedure, which is why many surgeons do not include it in their treatment plans. Dr. Parkins has years of experience incorporating extensive fat removal into tummy tuck procedures and creates beautiful results.

To perform both procedures successfully, it’s necessary to preserve the blood supply to certain areas while meticulously removing fat. This is challenging and requires the skill of a professional who has demonstrated success in the technique. Dr. Parkins encourages patients to view her before-and-after photos as proof of her skill in this dual procedure. Our tummy tuck and liposuction patients love their new, flat midsection and beautiful contours.

Recovering from Your Procedure

Immediately following treatment, you will feel groggy from the anesthesia. Dr. Parkins provides a recovery area in her office where you can rest while the effects of the anesthetic taper off. Prescription medication should be filled before your procedure, so you have access to pain relievers as soon as possible. The first few days go by quickly, as patients are often tired and spend most of their time resting. The first week of recovery, patients will need to carefully handle their drains to keep the area clean and will be wearing compression garments to assist with fluid drainage. When walking around your home to help with circulation, you will need to do so slightly stooped to protect the incision sites.

After the first week, patients experience an improvement in feelings of comfort and wellness. You may need to take two weeks away from work and easy very slowly back into your normal routine, being careful to avoid strenuous activity until cleared by your doctor. Visible results of your procedure mature in the following months as swelling recedes, but patients will immediately notice improvements after the procedure. 

For tummy tuck surgery in Milwaukee or Madison, call Dr. Maida Parkins. We welcome new and returning patients for in-depth consultations with our doctor and team.


Dr. Maida Parkins

Dr. Parkins is committed to providing a unique plastic surgery experience, where patients become friends and feel comfortable expressing their concerns. Dr. Parkins is compassionate and caring in her approach to patient service; she offers a female perspective to help make sure patients feel listened to under her care. Together, she and her staff offer a welcoming environment for patients beginning their aesthetic journey.

When you visit our Lake Country plastic surgery office, you are treated to individualized attention and treatment planning. This ensures you love your results and can enjoy all the benefits of truly customized plastic surgery. Dr. Parkins and her team take great pride in transforming patients’ confidence and wellbeing through aesthetic medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tummy Tuck

How Long Should I Expect Swelling to Last?

The majority of your swelling will be gone by 3-4 weeks post-op.  The remainder of the swelling will take 3-6 months to resolve.

Inflammation after surgery often takes about 12 weeks to resolve dramatically. While this may seem like a long time to wait, you will notice gradual improvement over that time, and even to the natural effect created by the scar tissue, which can cause swelling in the upper part of the abdomen until the 12-week mark. Results are considered mature after 12 months, when minimal residual inflammation recedes.

Is Scarring Visible?

Scars from your tummy tuck will be easy to conceal and are not visible, even when wearing a bikini. With proper scar-care recommended by Dr. Parkins, scars heal well and become as faint as possible. As incisions are a necessary part of the surgical process, there is no way to avoid scarring. However, patients find treatment to be well worth any lingering lines.

Will a Tummy Tuck Help Me Lose Weight?

If you have severe excess skin in the area, you will likely be a bit lighter after surgery. However, a tummy tuck is not intended as a weight-loss procedure. If you are not at your ideal weight, you may want to consider getting closer to this goal, as an abdominoplasty is not the best way to shed pounds.

Can I Have a Baby after My Procedure?

After healing, you will be medically healthy and able to have children, if you so desire. However, Dr. Parkins highly encourages patients to only seek a tummy tuck after they have decided on no future pregnancies, as this can stretch the repaired abdominal wall, loosen soft tissue again, and create similar issues to what the abdominoplasty corrected.