4 Big Benefits of Small Breast Implants

Today, more and more women come to Dr. Parkins hoping to achieve a subtle, natural-looking breast augmentation. In the last two decades, tastes have changed considerably, and modern surgical techniques have come a long way, too. Though we still work with plenty of women hoping for dramatic breast enhancement, Dr. Parkin’s can absolutely help you achieve beautiful results with smaller implants.

In fact, small breast implants offer several benefits beyond looking incredible. Some of the draws that our clients love the most might shock you. Below, we’ve broken down exactly what’s made smaller implants so popular in recent years. Before you make your breast implant decision, it’s important to consider all of your options and think about how different sizes, shapes, implant types, and placements will fit into your lifestyle. Because planning of the surgery is a collaborative process, we’ll make sure that  whatever you decide is right for you.

Dr. Parkins’ number one goal is to put her patients first. Your breast augmentation will be completely personalized to fit your goals and anatomy. Our entire team is here to cover all of the details. We’ll provide the necessary information for a successful pre and post-operative experience.

At Parkins Plastic Surgery, our team is made up entirely of women. We uniquely provide an insight into the feminine perspective, empathizing with all it means to be a woman in today’s world. Together, we can help you feel your most confident.

1. Natural Look and Feel

One of Dr. Parkins’ greatest skills is the ability to craft a personalized breast enhancement to fit your unique body. In many cases, even women who come to us wanting to see a more significant enhancement can benefit from a smaller implant than they initially imagined.

When it comes to breast implants, a little really does go a long way. Small size increases make a considerable difference. If you’re hoping for a natural-looking enhancement, smaller implants are often the way to go.

Dr. Parkins can not only customize your implant volume, she can also address breast projection. We have several implant options that specifically create fullness at both the top and bottom of the breasts. Regardless of the specific shape and size you choose, when working with Dr. Parkins, you’ll see results that compliment your body and create a harmonious contour.

2. Perfect for Active Lifestyles

Smaller breast implants are also ideal for women who live more active lifestyles. Large breast implants, while visually stunning, can be something of a hassle to deal with at the gym or on the track. A considerable increase in breast volume can occasionally cause discomfort when exercising or increase back pain.

By choosing a smaller implant, you’ll guarantee comfort exercising in the future. Consider it a win-win – a more feminine body contour without too much extra weight.

3. Reduced Risk of Complications

Research has shown that patients with smaller breast implants also experience lower risks of complications. Especially for thinner women, large implants can lead to your breast skin thinning and, in some cases, losing sensation.

Though most complications can be treated relatively easily, many of our patients opt for smaller implants to lower the odds of needing a breast lift or revision surgery in the future.

 4. A Long-term Investment

Breast implants, whatever their size, are for you. That said, smaller breast implants do offer the advantage of going unnoticed in your daily life. By choosing a more subtle enhancement, you’ll enjoy a boost in confidence along with the self-assuredness that you can take your breasts proudly into any space.

Many women find the need to present a more conservative look, especially as they grow older and navigate the corporate world. With smaller implants, no matter where you find yourself, people will notice you, not just your breasts.

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If you’ve been waiting to get a breast augmentation, now is better than ever to take the leap. Modern advances in surgical techniques and Dr. Parkins’ unique skills as a board-certified plastic surgeon mean that all of her patients, of every body type and age, can enjoy breasts they love.

We believe firmly in patient education from the outset. During your initial visit, we’ll work with you to make sure you understand what to expect throughout this process. Dr. Parkins will go over your medical history and examine and measure your breasts. Once she has a clear idea of your goals, Dr. Parkins will create a personalized treatment plan to safely and effectively achieve them.

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