How to Get the Side Boob Sneak Peak: 3 Steps to Enhancing Your Silhouette

Breasts are beautiful, and in 2019, celebrities led the way in saying that it’s perfectly acceptable to show them off. Side boob, a look that reveals the outer curves of the breasts, has been showing up on red carpets and runways everywhere, and it’s easy to see why: Side boob is flirty, sexy, and classy… Read More »

Did you Get Implants? How to Graciously Answer Nosey Questions this Holiday

More women than ever are undergoing breast augmentation—and with good reason. In 2018 alone, over 300 thousand American women chose to enhance their curves and live in a body they adore. Surgical techniques are more advanced and safer than ever, and they offer patients a huge degree of customization to make their desires reality. Though… Read More »