4 Lovely Aesthetic Options after Removing Breast Implants

“The only thing constant is change,” say the sages. While your breast implants may have given you years of increased confidence and swagger, attitudes and trends change. The up to 20 years they last have surely seen shifts in your fashion choices, habits, and opinions on your best figure. You have every right to go… Read More »

Breast Implants Smaller than Expected? Your Options

Many different factors have to be considered when choosing the correct breast implant size: Your height, the anatomy of your chest, and your breast tissue can all influence your selection. Due to the complexity of breast augmentation, women sometimes end up with implants that look smaller than they expected. If your breast implants are too… Read More »

Is Breast Implant Removal with Simultaneous Fat Transfer Right for You?

Though breast augmentation remains the most popular cosmetic procedure in America, the number of explant (implant removal) surgeries performed each year is also rising. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the rate of breast implant removal jumped by 10 percent between the years 2010-2014. The ASPS also revealed that most women who choose… Read More »