7 Things to Know Before Your Surgical Consultation

Congratulations! You’ve decided that you’re ready to have plastic surgery. It can be a life-changing event for many women and men. There are a variety of things to consider and keep in mind when starting the plastic surgery process. Before you book your surgical consultation, here are seven things you should know.     

Determining a Procedure  

What about your aesthetic appearance do you want to alter? Start with a basic body term and go from there. If you want to change the appearance of your breasts, research different types of breast surgeries and filter which one you think would be best for you. A breast lift (mastopexy) with augmentation may be better suited for your current anatomy than a breast augmentation. Liposuction may seem like the best option for reducing fat on the abdomen for you, but a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) could be what you’re really looking for. Knowing what procedure will align with your goals will ultimately be determined during your surgical consultation, but having a general idea of what you’re looking for beforehand helps you and your surgeon along the way.   

Researching Plastic Surgeons  

Speaking of surgeons, knowing who you want to perform your surgery is just as important as knowing what surgery you’re looking for. Researching a variety of plastic surgeons before booking a consultation is a great idea to get a better feel for who you’d like to perform your surgery. Look at the procedure page that you’re interested in on their website, look at their photo galleries, and definitely look at their online reviews. All these things can give you a sense of comfort and vast knowledge when planning your aesthetic journey. Some people also schedule multiple consultations with different plastic surgeons so they can get a feel for the practice and meet the surgeon in person. Dr. Maida Parkins is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 12 years of experience whose main goal is to help you feel comfortable, fully prepared, and excited about your cosmetic journey.  

Your Cosmetic Goals  

This may seem similar to knowing what procedure you’re interested in but think of it as a more specific version of that. You know what procedure you’re interested in; now how do you envision it looking once everything is healed? Are you looking for a larger or smaller breast size? More or less natural appearance? Googling “(insert procedure here) surgical before and after” is a great place to start when trying to determine what you’re envisioning when it comes to your cosmetic goals.    

Managing Your Expectations  

Even with your procedure, surgeon, and goals in mind, it’s important to also understand that some things may not be exactly how you imagined them. Even the best plastic surgeons will leave scars and some anatomical components may cause differences compared to what you had in mind. It’s also important to remember that everyone’s anatomy is unique so the same procedure can look different from person to person. Keeping this in mind while thinking about different procedures, surgeons, and your personal goals will help keep your expectations realistic.  

Your Financial Plan  

Plastic surgery isn’t cheap (trust us, you don’t want it to be), and knowing what your plastic surgery budget is before your surgical consultation will aid in your final decision to schedule surgery. Researching the average plastic surgery cost for your ideal procedure and location is a great way to get a general idea of how much you will need to spend. Is there a max amount you’re willing to pay? Some plastic surgeons provide pricing on their websites, making it another good resource when looking into plastic surgeons. Do you plan on paying in full through a savings account, paying through a credit card, or a payment plan option like CareCredit? There are many considerations when it comes to financing plastic surgery but thankfully, there are also many options available.   

The Surgical Timeline  

Knowing when you’re wanting to have plastic surgery and understanding the surgical timeline is important when deciding to undergo cosmetic procedures. You may want to have surgery during a certain time of year or be fully healed before a big event. The overall timeline can take months (and in some cases over a year) when you factor in how far out your surgeon is booking, pre-operative appointments, surgical recovery, and post-operative appointments. For many procedures, there are lifting and activity restrictions for the first 1-2 months after your surgery. Keeping this and other timely factors in mind is imperative when preparing to book your consultation.   

Your Health History  

We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen to take the step to start your plastic surgery journey, however, your overall health is the absolute top priority. Your medical conditions, prescriptions, and family history are important for Dr. Parkins to know to address any potential risk factors that may cause you to be ineligible for surgery. Understanding your BMI also helps us determine if you’re ready for surgery. Being in a healthy weight range decreases surgical risks and improves recovery. At Parkins Plastic Surgery, we make it easy and have an electronic health history form for you to fill out before your consultation.  

If you don’t have all the answers to these pre-consultation factors, don’t worry! The consultation is to help you along this journey with the assistance of Dr. Maida Parkins and her entire team. Schedule a visit to Parkins Plastic Surgery to start your surgical journey today. Call us at (262) 269-1050 or submit a contact form online to arrange a visit. 

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