Increase Your Breast Size with Implants for a Natural-Looking Augmentation in the Milwaukee and Madison Area

Silicone and saline breast implants are commonly used for augmentation, but many patients worry whether the surgery will give them a look of “fake breasts.” The Milwaukee and Madison area’s Dr. Maida Parkins and Dr. Lucas Boehm assure anyone with this concern that modern techniques and implants allow for especially natural-looking results, providing a boost in volume without matching the obvious “fake breasts” style that marked some style trends in the Pamela Anderson days of Baywatch.

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The right implants can help to increase the size of naturally small breasts, restore fullness if your breasts have lost volume, make your breasts look more even and symmetrical, provide more volume to the tops of the breasts, help rebuild the breasts if needed, and more. Overall, breast augmentation with implants can make you feel more confident—especially if the results don’t resemble fake breasts, but match your frame and proportions.


For more details about breast implants that avoid the look of fake breasts for the Milwaukee or Madison area, contact Dr. Maida Parkins and Dr. Lucas Boehm′s friendly staff at (262) 269-1050, or send a message online to request a consultation.

Breast Implant Types: What Are Your Options for Avoiding the Appearance of Fake Breasts?

Breast augmentation—sometimes informally called a “boob job”—is a plastic surgery procedure that involves breast implants or a fat transfer to the breasts tto help make the breasts appear fuller. Many patients choose to “soften” the results of augmentation with implants by complementing the procedure with fat transfer in order to minimize the look of “fake breasts.”

In addition to thinking about what some patients consider the “cost of a boob job,” there are other variables that should be considered when planning breast surgery.

There are different types of so-called  boob implants available, and patients often wonder which are the best—especially for getting realistic-looking results instead of the look of fake breasts. The most suitable implants for each patient depend on their goals and preferences. There are three types of implant options available at Parkins Plastic Surgery: saline, silicone, and highly form-stable silicone gel (gummy bear implants). The type of implants that are right for each patient will vary depending on body type and other factors, as well as their desire for natural-looking or fake breasts.

  • Saline implants contain sterile salt water. They provide a uniform shape, firmness, and texture.
  • Silicone implants contain silicone gel. Some patients believe that silicone look and feel less like fake breasts and slightly more similar to real breast tissue.
  • Form-stable silicone implants maintain their shape well, even in the events of certain rare complications. The gel that they contain is thicker and they feel firmer than traditional implants.

See our photo gallery to explore breast augmentation before-and-after photos and get a better idea of what you can achieve, as well as how Dr. Parkins and Dr. Boehm avoid creating the look of fake breasts. As for other research options, “What are the prices of breast implants near me?” is probably going to be one of the next things you investigate when planning your surgery. We feature pricing estimates on our site, and we will tell you more about cost—whether you ask about “boob job prices” or the price of augmentation—when you see us for a personalized consultation and exact quote. Be sure to bring up any and all questions at your appointment, from concerns about the look of fake breasts to pricing to aftercare and more.

What Impacts the Looks of Natural vs. Fake Breasts?

Many patients who undergo breast augmentation hope to achieve a naturally curvy look and are hoping that their results will still look natural or realistic as opposed to fake breasts. There are different techniques that can be used to ensure that breasts enhanced with implants look naturally beautiful. Dr. Parkins and Dr. Boehm will consider the amount of natural breast tissue the patient has in addition to the size of the implants to help them decide on the best option. If the bases of your natural breasts are small and you choose much larger implants, for example, the results will tend to look more like fake breasts.

The placement of the implants can also affect their appearance. Inserting the implants below the chest muscle can create a smoother silhouette, especially if you are naturally very slim and don’t have much breast tissue. Above-the-muscle implants on people with less fat can create a look of fake breasts because there is less tissue covering the edges of the implants.

We can help you achieve the most natural breast enhancement results and explain more about breast augmentation post-op care to help you recover quickly and smoothly.

What Is Available for Enhancing Your Curves Aside from Implants?

In addition to breast augmentation, there are also other options for sculpting or re-shaping the breasts. While implants can increase the size of the breasts, they won’t address sagging. For drooping breasts, you will need a breast lift to restore a perkier, shapelier, and more youthful look. A combined breast lift with augmentation provides the benefits of both surgeries for patients who want fuller and perkier breasts. A breast reduction can reduce the size of large breasts and create a more proportional, balanced appearance—all with a goal of providing a natural look instead of fake breasts.


Want to discover more about breast implants and how to avoid the look of fake breasts in the Milwaukee and Madison area? Call Parkins Plastic Surgery′s Lake Country office in Oconomowoc, WI, at (262) 269-1050. You can also send a message online to request a consultation.


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