Alter the Size and Appearance of Your Breasts in the Milwaukee and Madison Area

Breast augmentation—sometimes called “boob augmentation” by Milwaukee- and Madison-area patients—is one of the most popular procedures chosen by patients working with plastic surgeons Dr. Maida Parkins and Dr. Lucas Boehm at Parkins Plastic Surgery. The surgery increases the size of the breasts by using boob implants or transferring fat from another area of the body to the breasts.

To discover more about the benefits of breast augmentation or “boob augmentation” for Milwaukee or Madison area women, contact the friendly staff at Parkins Plastic Surgery at (262) 269-1050, or send a message online to request a consultation.

What Is a Good Age to Get So-Called “Boob Augmentation?”

Regardless of whether you’re hoping for a natural enhancement of the breasts with a smaller increase that looks more subtle or a more dramatic change to your appearance, one of the questions you might have is, “What age is best to get boob augmentation?”

Dr. Parkins and Dr. Boehm work with breast enhancement patients as individuals, so there is no hard and fast upper limit. Any patients seeking this surgery should be sure that their breasts are done developing.

Although it is common for patients to be in their 30s when they undergo what they think of as a “boob augmentation,” many women who are younger or older also achieve stunning results from the procedure. Patients at any stage of their life should start by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Parkins or Dr. Boehm to find out whether “boob augmentation” would be a suitable option for them.

When you search for “Prices of Breast Implants Near Me” in the Milwaukee and Madison area or “Breast Augmentation Before and After,” you may find plenty of information, but it can be confusing knowing what’s true or false. We make general pricing information, as well as photos, available on our website for guidance. Specific quotes will be provided at a personalized consultation. Contact Dr. Parkins or Dr. Boehm and set up an appointment if you’re ready to know more about breast (or “boob”) augmentation from a trusted source.

Will “Boob Augmentation” Work If You Have Sagging Breasts?

Sagging of the breasts is referred to as “breast ptosis.” This condition often develops as a natural result of aging or weight fluctuations. You can still have “boob augmentation” if you are experiencing sagging breasts—but depending on the degree of sagging and volume loss, you may also need to have an additional surgery, called a breast lift, to adequately correct the sagging.



Dr. Parkins & Dr. Boehm are committed to surgical excellence through education, compassion, and confidentiality. Their combined experience is unparalleled and highly sought after in the Madison and Milwaukee area. A consultation with either of our surgeons is conducted at our private, state-of-the-art surgical facility where you will have all your questions answered so you can confidently start your surgical journey.

Dr. Parkins

Get to know our Board-Certified plastic surgeon and founder of Parkins Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Boehm

Get to know our highly specialized plastic surgeon in facial aesthetics.

Dr. Boehm

Get to know our highly specialized plastic surgeon in facial aesthetics.

“Boob Augmentation” Basics: How Long Should Breast Augmentation Results Last?

If you’re having breast augmentation—also sometimes known as a boob job or boob augmentation—the surgery will include fat transfer breast augmentation, breast implants, or both. Saline implants or silicone implants are added into the breast pockets, or a fat transfer is used to increase the volume of the breasts. Dr. Parkins and Dr. Boehm will work with you to create a personalized plan and help you avoid the look of fake breasts.

Another thing patients will usually ask about early on is how long they can expect their “boob augmentation” results to last. Breast implants are sturdy devices that can last for up to 20 years or more, but there is no guaranteed timeline or end date, and everyone’s experience is different.

Want more details on so-called “boob job prices?” Dr. Parkins and Dr. Boehm will explain everything patients need to know about preparation, procedure, “boob job” recovery, the total cost of a “boob job,” and more at your consultation.

Which Cosmetic Surgery Treatments Are Offered in Addition to “Boob Augmentation?”

What patients consider to be “boob augmentation” can help to increase the volume of the breasts and create a more balanced body shape, but this isn’t the only option available for enhancing the breast area and body. A breast lift can lift the breasts and re-shape them to sculpt a perkier shape. A breast reduction decreases the size of the breasts to create a more pleasing or proportional appearance. Tummy tuck surgery reduces resistant fat and addresses sagging skin on the abdominal area while liposuction minimizes stubborn fat from select areas to improve the overall contours.


For more advice about “boob augmentation” in the Milwaukee and Madison area, contact Parkins Plastic Surgery. Call our Lake Country office in Oconomowoc, WI, at (262) 269-1050. You can also send a message online to request an appointment.


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