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If you are seeking information online about the “cost of a boob job,” Milwaukee and Madison-area plastic surgeons Dr. Maida Parkins and Dr. Lucas Boehm have answers for you. This is, of course, a common topic for anyone considering breast augmentation surgery, which is why we are upfront about pricing: At Parkins Plastic Surgery, the surgery typically starts at $7,695. That said, the true per-person cost of so-called “boob implants” or fat transfer is difficult to know at first glance. This is because breast augmentation can range in price from patients to patient due to a variety of factors, such as the type of implant used, related fees such as anesthesia, the price of post-procedure medications and post-procedure garments, and other expenses involved in breast augmentation.

To get the most accurate assessment of the cost of a boob job (as you may call it), it’s best to meet with Dr. Parkins or Dr. Boehm for a consultation.


To find out more about the cost of a ″boob job″ for Milwaukee or Madison area patients, contact Parkins Plastic Surgery′s friendly staff at (262) 269-1050 today, or send a message online to request a consultation.

What Does the Cost of a “Boob Job” Include?

As mentioned above, the cost of a “boob augmentation” can vary widely based on factors such as geographic location, surgeon’s experience, facility fees, anesthesia, type of implants, and pre- and post-operative care. Typically, the cost encompasses several components.

Are you searching for, “Prices of Breast Implants Near Me,” “Boob Job Recovery,” or “Breast Augmentation Before and After?” In addition to the information we offer online, plastic surgeons Dr. Maida Parkins and Dr. Lucas Boehm will explain more about what you can expect from this procedure at your personalized consultation.

Will Insurance Cover the Cost of a “Boob Job?”

The cost of a “boob job” for cosmetic purposes is not covered by insurance. Insurance providers typically consider this surgery to be an elective procedure, meaning the patient chooses to undergo it for aesthetic reasons rather than medical necessity.

If the procedure is deemed medically necessary—such as breast reconstruction following a mastectomy—some aspects of the surgery might be covered. Since this is such a highly individualized issue, it’s essential to consult with both the surgeon and the insurance provider to understand the potential coverage and associated costs of your specific procedure.

What Can You Do to Manage the Cost of a “Boob Job?”

Although insurance won’t typically cover the cost of a boob job, there are many other options available to make a “boob job” with saline implants, silicone implants, or a fat transfer breast augmentation for natural-looking results more affordable and accessible to patients. There are an increasing number of options available to help patients manage the cost of a “boob job,” such as medical credit cards and payment plans. If you’re concerned about the cost, we can provide more information during your consultation to help you plan.

What Should You Consider Other Than the Cost of a “Boob Job?”

Although knowing about the total cost of “boob augmentation” is important, pricing shouldn’t be the first question you ask if you’re having breast enhancement. Patient safety and the quality of the results are more important considerations when having “boob enhancement surgery.”

Beyond the Cost of a “Boob Job:” What Else is Available for Enhancing the Breasts?

Interested in learning more about so-called boob job prices? While considering the cost of a “boob job,” you may also be interested in learning more about the prices of other procedures to enhance the breasts, such as a breast lift, which restores a perkier, lifted appearance to sagging breasts, and a breast reduction that decreases the size of the breasts for a smaller, more proportionate appearance. No matter the specifics, Dr. Parkins, Dr. Boehm, and their team use advanced surgical techniques to help avoid the look of fake breasts from breast augmentation.



Dr. Parkins & Dr. Boehm are committed to surgical excellence through education, compassion, and confidentiality. Their combined experience is unparalleled and highly sought after in the Madison and Milwaukee area. A consultation with either of our surgeons is conducted at our private, state-of-the-art surgical facility where you will have all your questions answered so you can confidently start your surgical journey.

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For more advice about the cost of a ″boob job″ in the Milwaukee and Madison area, contact Parkins Plastic Surgery. Call our Lake Country office in Oconomowoc, WI, at (262) 269-1050. You can also send a message online to request an appointment.


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