Discover More About What to Expect After Augmentation Surgery in the Milwaukee and Madison Area

If you are increasing the size of your breasts with breast augmentation, keep in mind that this is a significant cosmetic surgery procedure that will require preparation. It’s also important to learn as much as you can about breast augmentation recovery from our Milwaukee and Madison area team.
Parkins Plastic Surgery will provide breast augmentation post-op guidelines and explain everything you need to know about recovery time after breast augmentation, fat transfer breast augmentation recovery, breast implant aftercare, and more. Although you may be feeling excited at the thought of your enhanced figure, remember that you won’t see the full results you want right away after breast surgery, which is sometimes referred to by patients as a “boob job.” You need to spend some time in recovery after breast enhancement to allow yourself to rest and heal.

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Recovery for Breast Augmentation: What Are the Dos and Don’ts After Breast Enhancement Surgery?

Curious about breast implant aftercare? Breast augmentation recovery with silicone implants , saline implants or fat transfer typically involves several key phases. After surgery, patients can anticipate grogginess from anesthesia and mild discomfort, managed with prescribed pain medication. Swelling and bruising are also common, but gradually subside over several weeks. A surgical bra or compression garment may be worn for support.

To support healing from breast implants or fat transfer breast augmentation, you will need to limit physical activity and avoid strenuous exercise. Proper augmentation preparation and recovery techniques can also help you avoid looking like you have obviously fake breasts if you want to achieve the most natural breast enhancement appearance.

What to Do During Breast Augmentation Recovery:

    • Since this is significant surgery, you need to allow yourself to regain your strength during breast augmentation recovery. Get as much rest as you can, relax, and listen to your body.

    • You should also eat well during breast enhancement recovery. Your body needs the right nutrients to heal well and help you to regain your strength.

    • Be patient and trust the process. It will take some time for swelling and bruising to resolve.

What to Avoid During Breast Enhancement Recovery:

  • During breast augmentation recovery, we recommend avoiding underwire bras, as these can irritate the surgical site or have a negative impact on the final positioning of the implants.
  • You should also avoid smoking or any tobacco products.

  • · Don’t push yourself too hard or engage in intense exercise.
Have questions about breast augmentation prices? Get in touch with our team if you want to know more about “Prices of Breast Implants Near Me” and want more advice about the cost of a breast enhancement or breast augmentation before and after guidelines. We can provide breast augmentation recovery photos and more.

Breast Enhancement Recovery: What Is the Long-Term Outlook for Breast Augmentation?

Breast enhancement provides long-lasting results, but proper care for your implants will help to extend their lifespan. This begins during breast augmentation recovery. Implants can often last for a decade or more, but the risk of rupture increases each year. Following our guidelines for breast enhancement recovery will help you to reduce the chance of complications over time. Starting five to six years after your surgery, our surgeons can check the integrity of your implants using an in-office ultrasound to provide you peace of mind.

Breast Enhancement Recovery: Other Types of Cosmetic Procedures

Along with breast enhancement, Parkins Plastic Surgery offers several other types of procedures for the breasts, such as breast lift and breast reduction surgery. You might also decide to combine a breast lift with augmentation. There are also other options for enhancing your body shape, such as tummy tuck surgery to sculpt a slimmer, more toned midsection and liposuction to remove stubborn fat from isolated spots.



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