Medical Grade vs. OTC Skincare

When it comes to what we eat, many people are mindful of what they put in their bodies. When it comes to what people put on their skin, they are often less health conscious. Skincare is a huge part of your overall health, and paying attention to what products you use changes the whole skin game.  

Skincare has gotten very confusing. Every line preaches that they are the best, making it difficult to decide which products are right for you. When it comes to what products to look for, take a closer look at the ingredients in the skincare product. You will notice with some over-the-counter products, many ingredients are introduced that are not beneficial and are only there to make it last longer on the shelf. Medical-grade skincare usually uses the most potent, natural, or medical-grade botanicals and ingredients and is held to a higher standard by the FDA. While medical-grade skin care can be a little higher in price, in the long run, it is more cost-effective.   

What ingredients make medical-grade skincare worth it? There are many fabulous ingredients like Vitamin A (retinol), Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, etc. More likely than not, you have probably seen these ingredients listed in over-the-counter products too. Medical-grade ingredients are more potent and usually need a licensed professional or physician on staff to carry the product. Many people find it helpful knowing these products are from a reliable, educated professional.  

The best way to explain over-the-counter vs. medical-grade skincare is by determining the top skin concerns. If a patient has dry skin, some over-the-counter moisturizers will help immediately; but they will not repair the skin to help in the long term. Comparatively, medical-grade skincare might not brighten dark spots immediately but will make them disappear over time. With over-the-counter skincare, you will spend more money on a product that is only helping you in the short term. Alternatively, you can buy and use fewer products in a year and have firmer, healthier-looking skin by using medical grade skincare.  

Feeling unsure where to start or overwhelmed is normal. Consulting with a licensed medical aesthetician in your area and asking for a breakdown of what to use, when, and how they would benefit you can help ease some of those worries. A good aesthetician will always give you a customized plan to get your skin back on track and make you feel more beautiful with a bare face. 

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