5 Ways to Preserve Breast Augmentation Results

Patients who are having breast augmentation at our Lake Country practice should be aware that breast implants are durable devices—but they unfortunately don’t last forever. We recommend that implants be removed or replaced if complications have occurred or the patient wants to make a cosmetic change. The appearance of your breasts will continue to change in subtle or more dramatic ways due to aging, weight fluctuations, hormonal shifts, and the effects of gravity.

Aging also causes the internal composition of the breasts to be altered, resulting in more fatty tissue and stretched-out skin. This is completely normal—especially after the age of 40—but many women are nonetheless unhappy about it. In order to maintain the integrity of your implants for as long as possible while avoiding complications, here’s what you can do:

1. Choose Wisely

Plenty of important decisions need to be made about the size and shape of your implants. A primary reason why patients end up needing additional surgeries later is because they’re ultimately unhappy with the size and shape of their implants, or the implants don’t fit their lifestyle. Pick implants that you can see yourself being happy with decades after your initial surgery.

2. Follow Your Surgeon’s Advice

When you’re in the recovery stage after your surgery, follow your surgeon’s specific instructions about wearing support garments and swimming, lifting weights, or engaging in other forms of exercise.

3. Sun Protection

Overexposure or unprotected exposure to sunlight can cause the breasts to sag as ultraviolet radiation damages and prematurely ages the skin, weakening its support. Cover up and wear broad-spectrum sunscreen on the chest area when you go out.

4. Wear a Support Bra

When you’re exercising, you need to wear properly fitting sports bra to prevent stress and strain on the breast ligaments due to movement. This is regardless of your breast size!

5. Maintain a Stable Weight

Although shedding a pound or two won’t make a difference to the volume of your breasts and the skin supporting them, losing or gaining a significant amount of weight could cause changes, including the skin and ligaments on your breasts stretching too much.

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