Breast Implants Smaller than Expected? Your Options

Many different factors have to be considered when choosing the correct breast implant size: Your height, the anatomy of your chest, and your breast tissue can all influence your selection. Due to the complexity of breast augmentation, women sometimes end up with implants that look smaller than they expected.

If your breast implants are too small, you may not require revision surgery to achieve the results you want: There are actually several ways to obtain fuller breasts post-augmentation. To learn more about your options, contact Parkins Plastic Surgery in Madison at (262) 269-1050 for personalized advice.

Three Approaches to Consider if Your Implants are Too Small

1. Wait for your implants to settle.

In the months following your breast augmentation, the muscles and skin around your implants will gradually relax. As this happens, your implants will drop slightly and fill out the lower halves of your breasts, while the tissue above them expands. This process, which is known as “dropping and fluffing,” will give your breasts a fuller, rounder contour.

2. Consider Fat Transfer.

If your breasts still look smaller than you expected six months after augmentation, a fat transfer can enhance your breasts while disguising the edges of your implants. During fat transfer, Dr. Parkins will use liposuction to remove unwanted fat from another part of your body, like your belly or thighs. Then, she’ll process the harvested fat and inject it into your breasts, making them about one cup size larger. The results of a fat transfer last forever, so you’ll keep this additional volume even if you eventually have your breast implants removed.

3. Discuss breast revision with your surgeon.

For a breast size increase of two cups or more, you’ll need to have your current implants replaced with higher CC models. Though this may seem inconvenient, starting with smaller implants is actually the best way to prepare your breast tissue to accept large implants, especially if you’re naturally petite. Using small implants for at least six months will give your skin and muscle tissue the opportunity to expand, creating a suitable “pocket” for larger implants.

Many surgeons recommend gradually increasing implant size, rather than placing large implants directly into small breasts as this approach creates more flattering results. Your surgeon should discuss this with you during your consultation, then make a long-term plan to achieve your goals.

Arrange a Breast Augmentation Consultation in Madison, WI with Dr. Maida Parkins

Working with a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best way to make sure you pick the right breast implants for your frame. As one of Wisconsin’s leading female plastic surgeons, Dr. Maida Parkins has helped hundreds of women achieve flattering breast augmentation results, without the need for revision surgery. To meet Dr. Parkins, contact our welcoming clinic in Madison for a personal consultation.



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