How to Get the Side Boob Sneak Peak: 3 Steps to Enhancing Your Silhouette

Breasts are beautiful, and in 2019, celebrities led the way in saying that it’s perfectly acceptable to show them off. Side boob, a look that reveals the outer curves of the breasts, has been showing up on red carpets and runways everywhere, and it’s easy to see why: Side boob is flirty, sexy, and classy all at the same time. To learn more about the best ways to rock this look, contact our clinic in Madison at (262) 269-1050 or check out the tips below.

Side Boob: Who Wore it Best?


Always on the cutting edge of fashion, Rihanna set Instagram on fire in a leopard print bikini designed to show off some serious side boob. She was promoting Fenty, her popular beauty brand, and her eye-catching outfit definitely got the job done.

Bella Hadid

Known for her innate sense of style as well as her model good looks, Bella Hadid put a unique spin on the side boob trend with this skin-baring leather jacket. Mixing short hair and strong lines with soft curves, Bella’s look was at once masculine and feminine – not to mention ultimately striking.

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel proved that side-boob can be every bit as elegant as it is sexy when she wore this stunning black Gucci dress to the premiere of Hitchcock. With her neat up-do, red nail polish, and diamond engagement ring, Biel was the picture of class while being perfectly on-trend.

3 Tips to Get the Perfect Side Boob Silhouette

You don’t need large breasts to work the side boob look; in fact, this style is most flattering on a perky B or C cup. You’ll need to be aware of the potential for wardrobe malfunctions, however, and take a few steps to make sure your curves are in the right place:

1. Use tape to make sure everything stays put.

Celebrities rarely step out on the red carpet without fashion tape, a special type of double-sided tape that isn’t painful to remove. Use fashion tape to make sure your nipples stay covered, no matter what you’re wearing.

2. Spend some time in front of the mirror.

Before you commit to the side boob look, examine yourself from all angles in the mirror to make sure this style flatters your body type. You should also try bending, twisting, and stretching, both to check out how you look in action and make sure nothing slips out of place.

3. If you don’t like the shape of your breasts, consider cosmetic enhancements.

Even if your breasts are small or not as perky as they used to be, you can achieve great cleavage with the right push-up bra. Rocking side boob is a bit more challenging as you really need perfect natural breast contours to make this look work.

If your breasts are saggy, a breast lift can raise their position on your chest, allowing you to wear revealing, braless styles. If your breasts are petite, you can use a fat transfer or small breast implants to subtly increase their volume and create flawless curves.

Discuss Aesthetic Breast Enhancement at our Clinic in Madison, WI

If your boobs need lift or volume to rock side boob sensuality, consider a breast lift, fat transfer, or breast augmentation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Maida Parkins. These procedures can help you make the best of your natural assets and give you the confidence to wear what you want, where you want. Contact us today to begin your body transformation.

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