Did you Get Implants? How to Graciously Answer Nosey Questions this Holiday

More women than ever are undergoing breast augmentation—and with good reason. In 2018 alone, over 300 thousand American women chose to enhance their curves and live in a body they adore. Surgical techniques are more advanced and safer than ever, and they offer patients a huge degree of customization to make their desires reality.

Though the stigma around plastic surgery is (thankfully) waning, many of our patients still feel uncertain about how to talk about their breast augmentation with family and friends. There is no time of year more anxiety-provoking when it comes to unwanted questions and judgments than the holidays. This is especially the case if this holiday season will be your first time seeing family members or in-laws who come with strong opinions about what women should or shouldn’t do to their bodies.

While many of our patients choose to avoid the subject altogether, there is a good chance you may end up getting asked some nosey questions about your reasons, results, and choice. There is no right or wrong decision about how to handle these conversations. Indeed, what’s most important is doing what you feel is best.

Nonetheless, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help diffuse any conflict and, you never know, maybe stir up some bonding amongst relatives and loved ones. You may be surprised by what a candid conversation can bring about.

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The Decision Is Yours—Politely Make That Clear

Your breast augmentation and breast size are up to you. The decision is yours, nobody else’s. Unfortunately, loved ones and people close to our families may not always see this the same way. Though we as humans naturally seek approval from our peers, and support can make you feel great about your decisions, you should not doubt your choice just because of someone else’s judgment.

Choosing to increase your breast size is a brave, powerful decision. Our patients across the board state they have taken time (often years) debating their choice, and they overwhelmingly love the results they get. If someone is hurtful, make clear the benefits and process you went through to reach your decision. 

Have the confidence to state your beliefs and that you love your implants. If you can, leave it at that— “it’s my body; it’s my choice.” Of course, there is a chance that even then, someone will continue to send negativity your way. Remind yourself of your reasons, and the goals you achieved with augmentation.

Another successful diffusing strategy is to make your naysayer feel heard. Change the subject or end the conversation by stating that you understand they aren’t on board with your decision. Say you respect their opinion and are grateful for their honesty. Once you validate their stance, they will often change their tune.

The “Vanity” or “Unhealthy Choice” Arguments

There is absolutely nothing unhealthy about working up the courage to achieve the body or life you’ve always wanted. Whether its breast enhancements, a college degree, laser hair removal, or a career change—all of these are valid choices that require bravery to pursue.

As for vanity, it is undeniable that appearance matters in this society. The confidence and attractiveness a breast enhancement offers help to our clients in the boardroom, in their love lives, and to increase their mental well-being and self-esteem. What is the difference between choosing to get a tattoo sleeve or a breast enhancement? Nothing other than the procedures themselves. Both are choices one makes to feel beautiful.

Remind your loved ones this is your version of beautiful, and you are free to pursue it thanks to incredible scientific and medical advances that millions of people worldwide have taken advantage of and loved.

If You Choose To Go Incognito

For those women hoping to avoid these conversations altogether, here are some tips:

By dressing in looser tops with modest necklines, as well as wearing a non-push-up or sports bra, you can decrease the chance that others will notice your augmentation. Another popular tactic is to distract attention with another change in your appearance. A new haircut, color, or even shade of lipstick can keep people’s attention away from your breasts.

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