Are Smaller Breast Implants the Hot New Style?


A common opinion is that bigger is better. Bigger cars, bigger houses, and yes, bigger breasts, are all seen as good things as they are simply more of the things we already love. But are having the largest sized breasts the best choice for everyone? While having a big bust size can have its advantages, smaller more modest bust increases may bring about your best body. 

A new trend has been spreading over America is in direct conflict to the “bigger is better” mantra. More and more women are choosing to have more subtle, rather than obvious, changes to their bust size. Medium to full-sized B and C implant sizes, rather than the DD’s we have so commonly associated with breast augmentation are starting to challenge the popularity of the double-Ds. 

The desire for young women to have more natural-looking breasts is not only dictated by their feel and texture but also their size relative to their body type. The latest statistics have shown that women are now opting to have smaller breasts implants rather than larger ones because these more modest versions better suit current active lifestyles and long term practicality. 


Natural Looking Results

A woman’s breasts can be a focal point of sexual appeal and allure when attracting the opposite sex, with the mindset that the bigger they are the more attractive the woman. While the busty figure attracts a certain slice of the male population, the rise of modestly chested celebrities has begun to challenge it. More, the increased emphasis on the natural appearance features a smaller chest. Consider the saying regarding breasts that some men adhere to: “more than a handful is a waste.” 

Ideal breast size depends on a woman’s frame, lifestyle, and attitude. No single ideal figure exists. 

Dr. Maida Parkins, a plastic surgeon servicing patients in the Madison and Milwaukee, WI area, can help you find the ideal breast size right for you. Schedule a personalized consultation today at (262) 296-1050.


Leading an Active Lifestyle

Living a healthier lifestyle has been an increasing trend in current society, with more people opting to eat a salad instead of that hamburger combo or taking their stairs instead of the escalator when heading to work. As any woman with large breasts would know, it can be very difficult to exercise and stay active with heavy breasts. Busty women have told us that running, participating in team sports and even biking are more difficult for them than for their leaner friends. 

Smaller, more modest bust sizes allow for greater freedom of movement, free of the distraction of having to control breast movement.


Less Risk with Smaller Breast Sizes

The negative impact that larger breast have on a woman’s life is often underappreciated. Large breast sizes can cause neck, shoulder and back pain due to the center of gravity changes. Large breasts tend to lead women into prolonged bending postures. The tension on muscle fibers and associated muscle groups builds into debilitating aches. 


 Additional unwanted symptoms of large breasts include:


  • The formation of grooves overlying the shoulder area which are caused by heavy breast and studier support bras 
  • Friction rash development in the areas where the breast and chest meet
  • Emotional stress caused by chronic pain 
  • Sleeping and breathing difficulties
  • Possible nerve pain 


Resulting pain caused by having large breasts often lead to the continued use of pain relievers, which can have their own negative effects on the stomach, liver, and kidneys if consumed in excess over long periods.


How to Decide What Size is best for you

When unsure which size implant is right for you, opting to first try out various implant sizes, externally in a larger bra, can help determine your comfort level and how it feels living day to day with larger breasts. This notion was supported by a 2010 study1 that found women were more satisfied with their chosen breast enlargement when properly sized before proceeding with breast augmentation.

Choosing the right sized implants is arguably the most important decision when considering breast enlargement. 


Your Guide to Cosmetic Surgery

Undergoing cosmetic surgery is a big decision that requires a lot of research about the potential consequences they may have to your body, as you are making a permanent change. While there are options for breast implant reduction if you find yourself dissatisfied, undergoing additional procedures can be costly and can introduce more risk to your overall health.

Dr. Maida Parkins is there to help guide you through your breast augmentation journey, providing you options and a personalized outlook on what would work best considering your body type. Her goal is to help you make the right choices the first time around and to provide you with the means for achieving the best possible version of yourself. 

To schedule your personalized consultation today in the Madison and Milwaukee, WI area, call (262) 269-1050. We’re happy to answer any questions you have by phone or our contact page. 



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