CoolSculpting: What the Celebrities Are Saying About this Fat Reduction Procedure

CoolSculpting is a celebrity-certified, red-carpet secret. 

This non-invasive fat reduction procedure is FDA-cleared, clinically effective, and proven to be safe. By gently cooling stubborn fat cells in the body, CoolSculpting induces controlled, natural elimination of fat without any harm to surrounding tissue. 

So what exactly is all the buzz, and what are celebrities saying about this groundbreaking treatment? Read on to learn more, and if you have any specific questions about how coolsculpting can help you, don’t hesitate to call 262-269-1050. 

Molly Sims 

Molly Sims is a model, actress, and author who has appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Sims gave all the dirty details of what makes CoolSculpting so perfect for her. After gaining 45 pounds from her most recent pregnancy, Sims was working hard to get runway ready. 

Once her routine with the baby was established, Sims began hitting the gym “five to six times a week…do[ing] circuit training, hiking, SoulCycle, and hot yoga.” She maintains a diet that is “high-fiber, low-carb…with “lots of protein…trying to eat [mostly] plant-based.” 

 Even with all of this discipline, Sims still had trouble “los[ing] that last bit of fat in [her] lower belly.” Her dermatologist told her about CoolSculpting and Sims decided to give it a try. As a mom, the prospect of a procedure that has no surgery or downtime was hugely attractive, “and it totally worked!”

After two applications on her belly, Sims saw clear results, “the pooch just went away.”  She simply loved the procedure, calling it a “10.” As for downsides, she only mentioned, “that it’s cold…they are freezing the fat, so that’s a given.” But a lot of tone is worth a little chill. 

If she can give any advice to women considering CoolSculpting, Sims says “just be more relaxed about it…There [is] no downtime. It’s perfect for busy moms!…I’m scared of most things because I’m like, ‘Oh my god what if I don’t wake up?’ or like…I don’t know. But it was great. For me, it was like the perfect thing.”

Mariah Carey

For Mariah Carey, CoolSculpting was a major contributor to her total body transformation. The combination of “dieting and CoolSculpting!” led her to be able to lose pesky pounds and get onto the red carpet looking and feeling better than she has in years.  

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has gone so far as making a testimonial on Youtube about how much she loves CoolSculpting. 

What made CoolSculpting so perfect for her? It was the ease of knowing her fat will be gone without having to hit the gym seven days a week. “[Women] don’t always want to go to the gym,” so choosing a non-invasive and one-time procedure was a no brainer. 

Debra Messing 

Debra Messing, the star of Will and Grace, gave CoolSculpting all the credit for helping her get slim and camera ready for her Will and Grace reboot. She has given several reviews, but sticks to how cool the idea “that you can freeze fat cells and they can disintegrate and then slowly leave the body…no matter your age.” 

Messing went on to rave how, for her, “this treatment is like a miracle worker—it’s incredible. It’s safe and fast, and I wanted to spread the word. And, I love the message behind it…It’s about empowerment and doing something for yourself. It’s not a whole reshaping of your body and making you something that you’re not. It’s about being a better version of yourself.”

Johnny Weir

CoolSculpting isn’t just taking women by storm; men too have found this procedure and its results incredible. Figure skating champion Johnny Weir explained how he began to “notice this little puff creeping up and it bothered me to no end. No matter how much I worked out or how many times I got in with my trainers and said, ‘Let’s fix this,’ I could not get that one teeny section to go away. CoolSculpting was there when I needed it.”

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