How Can BOTOX® Help You Put Your Best Face Forward for the Rest of the New Year?

Does BOTOX® help with New Year’s resolutions? Our Milwaukee area team at Parkins Plastic Surgery team believes that the treatment can be ideal for the first few months of 2023—and here’s why.

Many of our most prominent facial wrinkles are typically linked to facial muscle movements. Each time we move our faces while communicating with others—by talking or showing facial expressions—the skin that’s attached to underlying muscles moves. Younger skin is capable of bouncing back into place after these movements, but the constant stretching can eventually take its toll and wrinkles may begin to form on certain areas, such as between the eyebrows or on the forehead. 

BOTOX® is a neuromodulator that contains botulinum toxin as its primary ingredient. It works by temporarily relaxing overly tense or expressive facial muscles. Once it is injected into the muscle in the treatment area, it blocks the nerve signals so that the muscles can’t contract or tense up. The overlying skin remains smoother and fresher looking for between three to four months.

In addition to helping you get a more youthful look, BOTOX® can improve your outlook and self-esteem as we head into a new year. There are several ways BOTOX® can help you look and feel your best. 

If you want to enhance your appearance, BOTOX® can give you a more refreshed, less tired appearance during the colder months. Neuromodulators are one of the tried-and-true treatments for patients who want a more youthful, softened appearance. For those who survived a party-filled holiday season, BOTOX® can be ideal for creating a rejuvenated look.

Plan to have BOTOX® or other injectable treatments several weeks before any big events in the new year to give the neuromodulator time to work and allow any side effects to wear off. When you feel you look your best, you will be more likely to want to charge forward with your personal aspirations for 2023. Since this wrinkle injection lasts for several months, you will look amazing even after you’ve rung in the new year—and the self-confidence that comes with that can create a positive feedback loop that carries you forward with your resolutions!

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