Is It Better to Get Cosmetic Surgery in the Cooler or Warmer Months?

When it comes to plastic surgery, the more planning you can do beforehand the better, because you’ll want everything to go right with the procedure itself—as well as the recovery and results. It goes without saying that one of the most important aspects of organizing your future plastic surgery procedure, such as liposuction or other forms surgery for body contouring from our Milwaukee area practice, is deciding on when to have it done.

Patients typically need to take time off for recovery after surgery, so scheduling is key—especially if you’re also getting ready to attend an upcoming event such as a wedding and you want to look amazing on the day itself. 

There’s usually some swelling after any type of surgery, and your body needs time to fully heal and adjust so that the results look natural. Not to mention, the weather can also have an impact on healing and results, depending on the climate where you live. While the common belief is that cooler months represent an ideal time for any kind of plastic surgery, each patient may have their own unique preferences for when to have their desired procedure. 

Cooler months are often perceived as the best time for surgeries because we spend so much more time indoors and bundle up in bulkier clothing, making it easy to hide any swelling and compression garments after the surgery. Since it can take several months for results to fully develop, you’ll be ready to flaunt your new look by the next swimsuit season. Additionally, it’s easier to avoid exposure to the sun when it’s colder. This is helpful for anyone whose incisions could be exposed to ultraviolet radiation, which can cause scars to darken.

Some parents of young children consider summer to be ideal for plastic surgery because their children can be away at sleepaway camps. That makes it easier to keep more time to themselves for recovery. 

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