What Can You Do to Relieve Breast-Related Back Pain?

While some women choose to have breast augmentation surgery in the hopes of having larger breasts, others may feel like their breasts are too large and choose to have them reduced for cosmetic or health-related reasons. The weight of large breasts not only causes pain in areas such as the back, shoulders, upper arms, and neck, but may also result in chronic rashes or skin infections and make exercise difficult or get in the way of your lifestyle and cause you to be less active.

Carrying all of that weight on your upper body takes a toll. In fact, studies have shown that the larger her cup size is, the more likely a woman will be to experience severe pain in the back and shoulders. Large breasts may not get proper support from a bra and cause deep indentations on the skin that don’t disappear even when the bra is taken off. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you may benefit from doing something about your breast size. Breast reduction surgery at our Milwaukee-area practice reduces breast size and makes them more manageable.

If you’re considering the surgery, here are some techniques you can employ prior to the procedure to get relief from the weight-related symptoms. 

Maintain a Stable Weight 

Many women have very large breasts regardless of their overall weight. Even so, working out to get close to your goal weight may help to decrease your breast size and some of the pain caused by the bulk. 

Apply Compresses

Use warm or cold compresses to alleviate soreness on your back and shoulders. 

Exercise Regularly

Even though large breasts might make it challenging to exercise, physical activity helps to strengthen your upper and lower back, thereby improving your posture. This can help to provide some relief from pain. You can try different types of exercises, such as yoga poses that are designed for breast and back pain or weight training to stabilize your back muscles. 

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