Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation in Milwaukee & Madison with Dr. Maida Parkins

Breast enhancement is one of the most highly-sought-after plastic surgery procedures for women. Treatment is popular for a variety of reasons, whether patients are looking for a more youthful shape or want to correct asymmetry in breast size or volume. At Dr. Maida Parkins’ plastic surgery clinic, patients find compassionate care that helps them meet their aesthetic goals. Dr. Parkins understands how the appearance of the breasts can make patients feel self-conscious and takes every step possible to ensure they feel comfortable at her office.

Perhaps one of the most common cosmetic procedures around the world, breast augmentation is one of the most striking changes a woman can do with her body. It ranks #1 of the top five cosmetic surgical procedures performed in the United States, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. With the direction of a skilled surgeon, breasts can be enlarged, contoured, and give your body the hourglass figure you’ve always dreamed of.

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Is it Time for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Deciding whether it’s the right time for surgery is a highly personal decision, but many of our patients choose this procedure after experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Changes in breast volume due to breastfeeding
  • Deflated breasts due to dramatic weight loss
  • Mismatch in shape and size
  • Self-consciousness caused by small breast size

Your breasts are tied to your femininity and overall self-esteem when it comes down to how attractive your feel.   

A study out of the University of Florida followed a group of women addressing their perceptions of self-esteem and sexuality, before and after cosmetic breast augmentation. Improvements in self-esteem and sexual satisfaction were found to be directly correlated with recent breast augmentation. The study also found that participants achieved a 78.6% increase in sexual desire, an 81% increase in arousal, and a 57% increase in satisfaction.

Choosing the Right Breast Enhancement Treatment Plan

Just as no two patients are the same, no two treatment plans mirror each other. Dr. Parkins and her staff make it a point to get to know patients personally, so they can create a plan for surgery that matches your ideal vision. As body shape is closely tied to feelings of confidence, our team finds it vital to listen closely and work with compassion, helping your personal goals become reality.

You have many choices when it comes to breast augmentation, including:

Implant Variety

Choices in aesthetic breast surgery are varied and include silicone, highly form-stable silicone gel, and saline. The ultimate decision about what works best for you will depend upon the amount of natural breast tissue available, overall body frame size, and how you would like your results to look.

Shape and Profile

You have choices to complement your surgical plan; these include round implants and teardrop (anatomical). The way your implants project is also an important part in creating custom treatment. Dr. Parkins can help you choose from low, moderate, and high-profile implant projection to suit your needs.

Surgical Methods

The type of implant you select influences the way surgery will be performed. Incisions can be placed discreetly around the areola or under the breast crease. Dr. Parkins carefully reviews this with patients when developing their treatment plan, ensuring they have all the information they need to make a confident decision. In many patient cases, Dr. Parkins strongly recommends the breast crease incision.

Your safety and experience are of the utmost concern. When placing implants, Dr. Parkins users a tool called the Keller funnel. This limits handling of the implants, lowering risk of infection, and creates a less obvious incision.

You can also choose to pair implant placement with procedures that work well together, including a breast lift. This may be recommended if your goals are increased breast volume and projection as well as a higher position on the chest wall. Dr. Parkins recommends all the treatment necessary to bring your aesthetic vision to reality.


Dr. Maida Parkins

Dr. Parkins is committed to providing a unique plastic surgery experience, where patients become friends and feel comfortable expressing their concerns. Dr. Parkins is compassionate and caring in her approach to patient service; she offers a female perspective to help make sure patients feel listened to under her care. Together, she and her staff offer a welcoming environment for patients beginning their aesthetic journey.

When you visit our Lake Country plastic surgery office, you are treated to individualized attention and treatment planning. This ensures you love your results and can enjoy all the benefits of truly customized plastic surgery. Dr. Parkins and her team take great pride in transforming patients’ confidence and wellbeing through aesthetic medicine.

What Makes Dr. Parkins Different?

Dr. Parkins’ boutique plastic surgery clinic puts patients first; our surgeon creates a personal and individualized experience for everyone she sees. You can expect complete attention-to-detail and a personal touch that helps you feel at home with our specialist and staff. We provide the unique experience of the female perspective, empathizing with our patients’ concerns and helping them get what they need.

Patients feel confident approaching our plastic surgeon with their most confidential physical concerns. At the end of their treatment, they’ve made a true friend who supports their journey to wellness and confidence. Our honest approach to treatment and patient interactions makes all the difference in creating beautiful outcomes and positive experiences.

Recovery after Breast Augmentation

A typical breast augmentation procedure can take about an hour to complete, depending on the type of implant and surgical techniques utilized. Patients return home about 2 hours after surgery is complete. You must have a family member or friend to take you home safely and stay with you for the initial 24 hours after breast augmentation.

During the first few days, you will experience some pain and swelling. This is normal and will go away with time as your body heals. Pain medication will be prescribed to ease any discomfort you experience. You may also be required to wear a surgical bra or compression garment at all times for several days post-surgery as these garments provide implant stability, increase circulation, and can prevent edema (the accumulation of fluid).

It is important to allow your body to rest after receiving breast augmentation, as your energy must devote itself to the healing process. It is recommended to take at least two days off of work or any other type of major responsibility.

You can perform light exercise about two weeks after your surgery. This exertion may include walking and gentle aerobics. Rigorous upper body workouts, running, and weight lifting should be postponed for at least four weeks after getting your implants.

Generally, after one month, most patients resume all normal activities. However, Dr. Parkins is the only one qualified to assess how far along your healing has progressed. It is vital that you maintain regularly scheduled follow-up visits and follow all of Dr. Parkins instructions after having undergone breast augmentation surgery to ensure proper healing and limited complications


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Personalized Breast Implant Consultations in Milwaukee and Madison

The first step in your journey is a meeting with the team at Dr. Parkins’ office. This provides the perfect opportunity to get to know the staff and ask any questions you have about your breast surgery. We believe in thorough patient education and use this initial visit to help patients understand what they can expect.

Dr. Parkins will review your medical history and go over any areas of the body that you would like to address with plastic surgery. Specifically, for your breast consultation, you can share the kind of aesthetic you’d like to achieve, whether that’s overall larger breasts, improvements in symmetry and projection, or enhanced cup size and position.

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